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Retro Candy Box
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Retro Candy Box

Retro Candy Box
Retro Candy Box

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Retro Candy Box
Retro Candy Box

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Retro Candy Box
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Retro Candy Box
A beautiful gift to bring back many memories.

A Retro Box Full to the brim with Retro Goodies - Your sweets are presented in a Retro Candy Labelled Box - The Box itself opens up to reveal Your retro candy laid out so that you can see ALL of Your candy ALL at once, You'll be spoilt for choice - Presentation is our Primary concern as well as making sure You, Your Friends and Family have a gift full of Delicious Memories that keep on giving....You Get More Choice With Our Retro Candy Boxes - The Ultimate Bargain.

To give you an idea of the size, each box full of sweets weights approx 750grams and measures 25cm x 25cm x 5cm. They hold a hugh range of sweets and an abundance of Memories:

They'll Giggle all day with this Gift.

If you know any stories surrounding these sweets we would love to hear them, Email - or write it in our contacts page.

2 Giant Rice Paper Sheets, 1 Rainbow Drops (candy rice), 1 Fizz Wiz (aka Space Dust), 1 Sherbet Fountain (A sherbet filled tube with a Liquorice stick),1 Dip-Dab (a Bag of sherbet with a dipping lolly), 3 Wham Bars Original, Sour Apple & Fizzy Cola, 1 Highland Toffee Bar - Original, 1 Candy Stick Box (a box of 8 candy sticks), 1 Candy Whistle (a whistle with a candy lolly inside), 1 Candy Lipstick (A candy lolly in a lipstick style case), 4 Sherbet filled Straws, 2 Drumstick Lolly, 2 Posh Lollies - Strawberry & Toffee, 5 Fizzers (a tube if fizzy candy sweets), 5 Parma Violets (a tube of Violet scented sweets), 1 packet of 4 Jawbreakers (gobstoppers), 1 Candy Watch, 1 Candy Necklace, 10 Flying Saucer (sherbet filled rice paper), 3  Liquorice  Wheels, 3 Refresher chews, 3 Anglo Bubbly Bubble Gum, 1 Happy Tattoo Bubbly Gum (each has its own Tattoo wrapped inside), 10 Black Jack Chews, 10 Fruit Salad Chews.



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